The Radar Report

The Radar Report is available to college coaches only. This report is able to meet a significant need that is present in the scouting service world. As a subscriber to the report, you will receive...

•  Detailed evaluations on prospects from a distinct point of view. Our scouts have all played at a high level and some have also coached high school, AAU and college basketball. These experiences make evaluations very similar to what you as a coach would think if you were there making the evaluation.

•  Evaluations which include information about what type of style(s) these prospects would likely succeed in. Many prospects could play at different levels of college depending on the style that different programs run. Our evaluations include an opinion on the style(s) that would best suit the prospect.

•  A broad range of players being evaluated. Prospects ranging from high major Division I through solid Division III level players will all be included. Successful college programs do a good job of finding players who others might overlook (or never hear about). We want to make sure we evaluate as many players as possible so no stone is left unturned. The reports will include players from all over the country, please refer to the 2010-11 schedule for more details.

•  Monthly reports with the evaluations conducted during that period. There will also be several supplemental reports sent out through the year, providing more content to help your program.

•  Academic information (when available) will be included in the report so different levels can determine if these players are on track to qualify or meet certain admission standards.

•  Stories from the events that summarize what the scouts thought.

•  Access to our scouts by email or phone (during normal business hours). This will allow you to ask more questions about specific evaluations that could help your program make more educated decisions.

If you would like to subscribe to The Radar Report, please contact Cade Lemcke,





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