The Radar Report Story

The Radar Report LLC was started in July of 2009 as a way to help college coaches across the country get initial evaluations on high school prospects who might be good fits for their program. There are a few services around the country that college programs feel are high quality and provide information they can use. Unfortunately, many of the services out there leave coaches confused and frustrated. The same frustrations are voiced over and over again.

•  The scouts who write/evaluate for these services have never played or coached the game at a high level. Coaches take the comments made with a grain of salt because these scouts don't have a true feel for what makes a player a good college level prospect.

•  Most of the evaluations are very general. There is no specific detail that helps a coaching staff differentiate one player's evaluation from another.

•  Most services evaluate the same players over and over again. The Top 100 players in the country are important prospects, but those aren't the prospects who coaches need to get evaluations on every month. Coaches already know how good those players are and how they could fit in with their program.

The Radar Report's staff has over 8 years of experience working with, developing, coaching and mentoring high school prospects as they strive to play college basketball. With this experience, there is an ability to scout players with a similar eye that college coaches themselves use. This new scouting service was launched as a way to meet this need.

With travel budgets being reduced and with the NCAA limiting the number of days when many coaches can watch players play in person, there is no better time than now for a new service to help college coaches. We would love to discuss with you how The Radar Report can help your program.





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